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Recoil is an incredibly powerful state management tool that you can use to build performant, complex React apps.

Hey! I'm Jacques. 🙂 I've made several tutorials about Recoil, and now have a great understanding of where people get stuck, and what they want to build with it.

Now, I am combining all of that knowledge into a single, free, comprehensive course, so that you can learn Recoil from beginner to expert.

What we'll build...

No matter if you've never used Recoil at all, or if you use it in production, this course will turn you into a Recoil pro.

Here's an overview of what we'll build:

Released lessons...

Course Intro
What we'll cover in the course, and how to make full use of the course.
Overview of Recoil
The history of Recoil, why it was built, and why you would (and wouldn't) want to use it.
Project Setup
Let's look at the project we'll be working on and get it set up. We'll also install Recoil.
Atoms - Basics
We store shareable state in a Recoil atom, and explore API you can use to interact with them.
Selectors - Basics
Learn how to build simple derived state using Recoil Selectors.
Atom Families
We look at a common React Context performance bottleneck and how Atom Families can solve it.
Atom Families 2
We take further advantage of Atom Families by adding an Edit Properties sidebar and element resizing.
Selector Families
We take a look at how to and why you'd use a selectorFamily.
Data Fetching - Basics
We fetch user data using a selector and a selectorFamily, and learn how Recoil works with Suspense.
Error Handling
How to gracefully handle and recover from errors when using Recoil.
Data Fetching - Advanced
We cover a couple of more advanced patterns when fetching data with Recoil.
Data Fetching in our Design Tool
We take what we've learned about Async Selectors and apply it to our design tool.
Intermediate Selectors
We make use of an "intermediate selector" to control when the data fetching happens.
Selector Composition
We create a new selectorFamily that composes functionality on top of our existing editProperty selectorFamily.
Atom Effects - Basics
We learn the basics of atom effects by persisting the state of a Recoil atom to localStorage, and rehydrate that state when the page loads.
Atom Effects with Atom Families
We persist the state of an Atom Family. Then we create a reusable Atom Effect function that we can use to persist any Atom or Atom Family to localStorage.
Async Atom Effects
We look at how to sync Recoil state to and from an API using Atom Effects.

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Can't wait for it. Your recoil tutorials are just the best on yt!

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